Website design is something that most business owners realize that they should undertake, the problem is where do you start?  Most people have no knowledge of website design but they know a nice website when they see it.  There was a point in time when websites were designed to try to entertain the visitors of the website, now functionality is the most important aspect.  If you look at the most popular websites on the internet, they are very simple and easy to navigate.  Long gone are the very slow loading flash websites with music that blares through your speakers which left you scrambling for the volume button on your speakers.


WordPress has quickly become the website design platform of choice for anyone that wants a very user friendly website, with it’s built-in content management systems it makes it very easy for a novice to update their website without incurring any web developer fees.  The ability to change and update pages of a website as easily as writing an email is a very appealing feature.  The wordpress community also provides a vast supply of information and support through videos on YouTube and forums.  Another great benefit of wordpress is the almost unlimited supply of widgets and plugins that can give your website functions   that would have cost thousands of dollars to implement a few short years ago.


Plugins and widgets make it very easy to add features like newsletters, social sharing buttons, search engine optimization, and a world of other useful feature all that can be up and running  in a matter of minutes.  It’s been said that wordpress is almost like the iPhone of websites.,, there’s a plugin for that.  As a matter of fact there is a plugin that allows you to update your website from your iPhone.


Google has made it clear that wordpress website are very google friendly, what that means is you have a very good chance of having your website indexed by google which can translate into traffic to your website. Let’s face it, traffic is what having a website is all about, what good is it if you spend thousands of dollars on a website that doesn’t get seen by anyone. WordPress websites have several search engine friendly features already built in, along with paid and free plugin that can be easily installed.    TNS Marketing located in Montclair NJ,  offers wordpress web design services to fit any budget.